The War on Consciousness

Health is not found outside of ourselves- it can only truly be found within, as a result of deep connection, presence and honesty with ourselves.

It seems many people have been deluded into thinking a doctor, a treatment, an injection, or supplement can save them. While some of these tools may be utilized on a journey towards health, none of them can be the end all, be all.

Health is a state of mind.

Health is deep contentment.

Health is presence, intimacy, and joy.

Health is deeply personal and a result of knowing ourselves well.

Health is absolutely not a mask, an injection, or social isolation.

If someone chooses to embody those practices on their 'health' journey, then great, but I will not accept those beliefs forced upon me.

I know my body, my mind, and my heart very well. This is a result of years of commitment towards myself. I had to go to the depths, the wellspring, to reclaim my truth from a culture and society that slowly stripped it away.

If you aren't yet aware that we have been presented an illusion, taught lies, and been indoctrinated into fear, then it is time to look deeply at your own life.

Stop listening to the media, the so-called experts, to the system that has lied to us about the truth of who we are.

Humanity's birthright is love, connection, and true freedom.

Manipulation, coercion, and deception is not what we deserve yet it is what we have been given.

It is time to stand up for truth, for bodily autonomy, and for sovereignty. The idea that we must all follow the same health protocols is a deeply flawed perspective, particularly when those protocols come from some of the most corrupt individuals and corporations whose primary motivation is profit- NOT humanity.

I reject the notion that anyone outside myself knows what is best for my body.

It is (past) time to pay attention to the bigger picture here, to listen to what is going on behind the narrative, behind the call for safety and the greater good, despite all costs along the way.

There is a long term goal and it isn't about anyone's safety. It is about profit, control, and dehumanization.

There is no comparison in history to what is going on right now. The goal is a world dependent on technology, disconnected from truth and humanity, and fully separated from Spirit and Nature.

Do not be mistaken- we are at war right now. A spiritual war, a war for human consciousness, for our sovereignty and liberation. There is not a single person on earth who is exempt from this war. It is essentially ourselves and our communities against the state and the powers that shouldn't be.

We have begun at a disadvantage, many were unaware- and many still are- that a war has begun and has essentially been going on for centuries.

Those in power have always sought control and domination over those they view as lesser.

The difference today is that there was a well-orchestrated plan to convince us of our freedom, to convince of us that the state has our best interests at heart, to convince us we could sit back and enjoy life while we put our trust outside of ourselves.

Those of us in the West have grown up being taught that we live in the most free, progressive, thriving countries in the world. While aspects of that may be true- in reality, we are incredibly dependent on our states. We've become dependent on them for education, health care, livelihoods, food, and even guidance about what to put in our bodies.

These entities DO NOT have out best interests at heart, they exist solely for their own gain.

It is (past) time to detach from the alluring illusion of society, the government or any other proclaimed 'expert' taking care of us and guiding our lives and choices.

We must do the work to know ourselves well, to be strong in our truth, our mind, body, and most importantly in our Soul. We are meant to be truly free, we are meant to provide for ourselves and our families, we are meant to be connected and in relationship with each other.

We are meant for joy, love, and thriving. Anything less than that, I wholeheartedly reject. Are you with me?

Enough is enough. It is time to stand rooted in solidarity and bring Truth fully into this world.

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